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Onewire EEPROM sandbox driver device binding - one wire protocol sandbox EEPROM

This memory needs to be connected to a onewire bus, as a child node.
The bus will read the device serial number and match this node with a found
device on the bus
Also check doc/device-tree-bindings/w1 for onewire bus drivers

- drivers/w1-eeprom/eep_sandbox.c

Software ds24xxx device-tree node properties:
* compatible = "sandbox,w1-eeprom"

* none

	eeprom1: eeprom@0 {
		compatible = "sandbox,w1-eeprom";

Example with parent bus:

onewire_tm: onewire {
		compatible = "w1-gpio";
		gpios = <&gpio_a 8>;

		eeprom1: eeprom@0 {
			compatible = "sandbox,w1-eeprom";