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MNT Reform

MNT Reform

MNT Reform is an open hardware laptop, designed and assembled in Berlin, Germany.

2021.10.08 Update: ordered mnt reform.

2021.12.27 Update: received mnt reform #000120.

2023.04.17 Update: mnt reform #000120 is now being offered as a loaner by

2023.06.02 Update: ordered mnt reform (2023 refresh).

2023.06.29 Update: bought used mnt reform on ebay.

2023.07.03 Update: received used mnt reform #000158.


pressure mark

The trackball can press against the screen when the lid is closed, causing a small mark to appear on the screen.


Lid, screen bezel, keyboard frame, and wrist rest are made from milled aluminium. Side panels and transparent bottom panel are made from acrylic.

Screws in the LCD bezel are not covered, and over time the one in the center can start to rub the paint off of the wrist rest.

wrist rest

fabricate new side panels - forum thread

My friend kindly sent me a pair of metal replacement side panels. First I tried painting them with a paint brush and a bottle of Vanta Black. This flaked off easily, so I sanded them down and repainted them with black spraypaint (satin finish). Managed to chip that as well during installation. I don’t know what I’m doing.

aluminum side panel - left

aluminum side panel - right

2022.03.03 Update: MNT has now made available steel replacement side panels.

black powder coated steel side panel


usb-c pd adapter (female) - bought one, it works

usb-c pd adaptor (male, non-amazon) - reported to work

lifepo4 replacement batteries (affordable, out of stock)

lifepo4 replacement batteries (expensive, in stock)

lifepo4 external charger - for recovering depleted cells (2-bay)

lifepo4 external charger - for recovering more depleted cells (8-bay)

laird wifi antenna - improved reception

2022.04.27 Update: I ended up just stretching the original molex antenna down under the trackball, which improved reception even more than buying an expensive new antenna. Because of its shape and the orientation of its cables, the Laird antenna wouldn’t quite reach.

molex wifi antenna installed beneath trackball

iogear gwu637 ethernet to wifi n adapter - for operating systems where wifi doesn’t (yet) work

piñatex sleeve - note: pull tabs broke off in the first week

2022.02.22 Update: MNT sent me a replacement sleeve with new, all-metal zipper pulls that are now standard equipment on the sleeve.

piñatex sleeve v2 with metal zipper pulls

2022.07.16 Update: One of the all-metal zipper pulls shattered as I tried to unzip the sleeve.

piñatex sleeve v2 with broken metal zipper pulls

mbk-colors: 1u and 1.5u homing - replacement key caps, some with raised edges to help with acclimating to the non-standard keyboard layout

replacement key caps

replacement key caps

operating systems


9front - howto, sdcard image, sysinfo

alpine linux - fully functional (howto pending)

void linux - sdcard image (does not boot on my machine)

debian linux - pre-installed


audio in linux

fix for speakers too quiet:

    By default, the speaker output of MNT Reform is a bit quiet, and
    changing the volume with PulseAudio won’t dramatically change it.
    There’s one more knob you can turn up that is only accessible via

    Open a Terminal and type alsamixer.  Then press F6 and select
    the wm8960-audio card.  Navigate with Cursor keys to the Playback
    slider and turn it up

Well, there is no wm8960-audio listed on my system, only (default). And Master is already cranked to 100. Investigating, I noticed:

   sl@reform:~$ dmesg | grep 8960
   [    3.613559] wm8960 2-001a: Failed to issue reset

edgineer says:

    Usually a reboot gets the audio going for me if I see failed to issue
    reset (happens on booting from power off).  Lukas speculates on a fix
    here[1] and another person[2] provided this line in order to rebind the
    device without a reboot:

          echo 2-001a > /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/wm8960/bind

    I was able to replicate the issue and test the above line out just
    now.  I had to “sudo su” first.  Then the audio device showed up in
    alsamixer again just fine.

[1] [2]

This worked for me, as well.

Update 2022.06.20: After numerous updates, sound no longer works for me in Alpine Linux.

leds in linux

MNT Reform WiFi LED

turn off wifi led:

   echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/ath9k-phy0/brightness   # needs root permissions


foot - foot.ini (sl)

rofi - mnt-reform.rasi

sway - config (default), config (sl)

vga - font (download page)

waybar - config, style.css


operator handbook - buy, pdf

diy assembly manual - pdf

interactive system diagram and interactive PCBs - html

sources (kicad, etc.) - repository

external usb keyboard manual - pdf




buy, community, faq, ifixit, reform school

Parker, Blaine L.