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MNT Reform USB Keyboard

MNT Reform USB Keyboard

MNT also sells an external USB keyboard that uses the exact same keyboard as the laptop.

2021.10.08 Update: ordered mnt reform keyboard.

2021.11.17 Update: received mnt reform keyboard.

2023.03.26 Update: sold mnt reform keyboard on ebay.

2023.06.02 Update: ordered mnt reform 3.0 keyboard.

keyboard in 9front

keyboard in linux

Swap HYPER and right CTRL:

   swaymsg input "1003:8258:MNT_Reform_Keyboard" xkb_options ctrl:swap_rwin_rctl

Make it permanent by adding the line (minus the swaymsg prefix) to $HOME/.config/sway/config.

Note: Future orders will be fulfilled with the new 3.0 keyboard, which includes a PC-style, staggered layout. Details of the above will no doubt need to be adjusted for this new keyboard.