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Google Coral sysinfo information

This binding allows information about the board to be described.  It includes
the SMBIOS binding as well.

Required properties:

  - compatible: "google,coral"
  - recovery-gpios: GPIO to use for recovery button (-1 if none)
  - wite-protect-gpios: GPIO to use for write-protect screw
  - phase-enforce-gpios: GPIO to indicate the board is in final ship mode
  - memconfig-gpios: 4 GPIOs to use to read memory config (as base2 int)

Optional properties:
  - skuconfig-gpios: 2 GPIOs to use to read SKU ID. If not present, the
       Chromium OS EC SKU_ID is used instead


board: board {
	compatible = "google,coral";
	recovery-gpios = <&gpio_nw (-1) GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
	write-protect-gpios = <&gpio_nw GPIO_75 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
	phase-enforce-gpios = <&gpio_n GPIO_10 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
	memconfig-gpios = <&gpio_nw GPIO_101 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH
		&gpio_nw GPIO_102 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH
		&gpio_n GPIO_45 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

	 * This is used for reef only:
	 * skuconfig-gpios = <&gpio_nw GPIO_16 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH
	 * &gpio_nw GPIO_17 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;