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W1 gpio device binding - one wire protocol over bitbanged gpio

Child nodes are required in device tree.  The driver will detect
the devices serial number and then search in the child nodes in the device tree
for the proper node and try to match it with the device.

Also check doc/device-tree-bindings/w1-eeprom for possible child nodes drivers

- drivers/w1/w1-gpio.c

Software w1 device-tree node properties:
* compatible = "w1-gpio";
* gpios = <...>;
	This is the gpio used for one wire protocol, using bitbanging

* none


onewire_tm: onewire {
		compatible = "w1-gpio";
		gpios = <&pioA 32 0>;

Example with child:

onewire_tm: onewire {
		compatible = "w1-gpio";
		gpios = <&pioA 32 0>;

		eeprom1: eeprom@0 {
			compatible = "maxim,ds24xxx";