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Texas Instruments' K3 Remote processor driver

In K3 generation Socs, loading an image on any processing entity
cannot be done directly from U-Boot.  In order to load an image,
remoteproc driver should communicate to SYSFW with a specific sequence.
Also enable the timer required for this remotecore.

Required properties:
- compatible: Shall be: "ti,am654-rproc"
- reg: base address of the remoteproc timer.
- power-domains: Should contain two sets of entries:
			First set corresponds to pm domain of the
			remotecore timer.  Seconf entry corresponds to the
			remoteproc to start.
			This property is as per the binding,
- resets: Should contain a phandle to a reset controller node
			and an args specifier containing the remote code
			device id and reset mask value.  This is as per the
- ti,sci: Phandle to TI-SCI compatible System controller node.
- ti,sci-proc-id: Processor id as identified by TISCI

Optional properties:
- assigned-clocks: Should contain a phandle to clock node and an args
			specifier containing the remote core device id and
			the clock id within the remote core.  This is as per
- assigned-clock-rates: One entry for each entry of assigned-clocks.  This is
			the frequency at which the corresponding clock needs
			to be assigned.
- ti,sci-host-id: Host ID to which the processor control is transferred to


a53_0: a53@0 {
	compatible = "ti,am654-rproc";
	power-domains = <&k3_pds 61>,
			<&k3_pds 202>;
	resets = <&k3_reset 202 0>;
	assigned-clocks = <&k3_clks 202 0>;
	assigned-clock-rates = <800000000>;
	ti,sci = <&dmsc>;
	ti,sci-proc-id = <32>;
	ti,sci-host-id = <10>;