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MAXIM, MAX77686 pmic

This device uses two drivers:
- drivers/power/pmic/max77686.c (for parent device)
- drivers/power/regulator/max77686.c (for child regulators)

This file describes the binding info for the PMIC driver.

To bind the regulators, please read the additional binding info:
- doc/device-tree-bindings/regulator/max77686.txt

Required properties:
- compatible: "maxim,max77686"
- reg = 0x9

With those two properties, the pmic device can be used for read/write only.
To bind each regulator, the optional regulators subnode should exists.

Optional subnode:
- voltage-regulators: subnode list of each device's regulator
  (see max77686.txt - regulator binding info)


max77686@09 {
	compatible = "maxim,max77686";
	reg = <0x09>;

	voltage-regulators {
		ldo1 {