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Bindings for Texas Instruments System Control Interface (TI-SCI) Message
Protocol for Device Manager(DM) to TI Foundational Security(TIFS)
Firmware communication

Required properties:
- compatible: should be "ti,j721e-dm-sci"
- mbox-names:
	"rx" - Mailbox corresponding to receive path
	"tx" - Mailbox corresponding to transmit path

- mboxes: Mailboxes corresponding to the mbox-names.  Each value of the mboxes
	  property should contain a phandle to the mailbox controller device
	  node and an args specifier that will be the phandle to the intended
	  sub-mailbox child node to be used for communication.

- ti,host-id: Host ID to use for communication.

Optional Properties:
- ti,secure-host: If the host is defined as secure.

	dm_tifs: dm-tifs {
		compatible = "ti,j721e-dm-sci";
		ti,host-id = <3>;
		mbox-names = "rx", "tx";
		mboxes= <&mcu_secproxy 21>,
			<&mcu_secproxy 23>;