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* Microchip PIC32 Clock and Oscillator

Microchip PIC32 clock tree consists of few oscillators, PLLs,
multiplexers and few divider modules capable of supplying clocks
to various controllers within SoC and also to off-chip.

PIC32 clock controller output is defined by indices as defined
in [0]

[0] include/dt-bindings/clock/microchip,clock.h

Required Properties:
- compatible: should be "microchip,pic32mzda_clk"
- reg: physical base address of the controller and length of memory mapped
- #clock-cells: should be 1.

Example: Clock controller node:

	clock: clk@1f801200 {
		compatible = "microchip,pic32mzda-clk";
		reg = <0x1f801200 0x1000>;

Example: UART controller node that consumes the clock generated by the clock

	uart1: serial@1f822000 {
		compatible = "microchip,pic32mzda-uart";
		reg = <0xbf822000 0x50>;
		interrupts = <112 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
		clocks = <&clock PB2CLK>;